Okay, now that all the My Band Rocks bands are on Band Camp—hey, did I mention that enough already? Well, we are! The Mojo Wire, Honey White, and Low Tide all have pages with digital albums for sale at a “Name Your Price” price (that means $1 per song, $5 per album at the least).

Anyway, to celebrate that, I’ve re-compiled some of Honey White’s old, gloriously messy live discs into a single album: “Some Reassembly Required: Live and Unprofessional 2002-2004.” I wrote more about this stuff a while back here and here:

With only a few original compositions to their name at the beginning, Honey White fleshed out their live sets in 2002 and 2003 with anything that fit. This included a few of Bryn’s solo instrumentals, some covers, and eight Mojo Wire songs, all re-worked to suit Honey White’s economy, speed and power. Some songs became more complete, a few still needed work, but each tune gained strength from the trial-by-fire exposure in myriad Honey White shows.

The album’s tracklist is:

01 So Cold
02 One Last Hallelujah
03 Fatal Flaws
04 Windward Mark
05 Unprofessional
06 How Far Away
07 My Second Shipwreck
08 The Lightning Rod
09 Heart On A Platter
10 You Let Me Fall
11 Mercy Rule
12 Wayfaring Stranger
13 Polarity
14 The Shivering Sand
15 Pisces Lullabye
16 The Sandman

Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff. Tracks 1-8 are from “Live and Unprofessional” (2002), 9-15 from “Epic Noise Now” (2003), and 16 is from “Saturated Songs” (2004). The shows caught on tape here range from the wilds of Del Playa and other Isia Vista keg parties, to the friendly confines of the University Center Hub, to the kitschy stages of local SB TV, to the dingy corners of the Wildcat Lounge downtown. So, are there any questions?

Why, Keir, why?
Because I wanted to offer some cool exclusive stuff on our Band Camp page. Plus these recordings make me go all mushy and nostalgic for the days when my second band terrorized the greater Santa Barbara area music scene with our ruthless friends and allies. We kicked ass and took names and never apologized and were mostly ignored anyway.

But…why a live compilation of, um, stuff you’ve already released?
Because I wanted to put it up for sale in these ugly recessionary times. And because there were only ever 50 copies of these things ever pressed.

But why not release all three complete live albums?
Because I’m too lazy to get sale rights to the cover songs on each of those CDs (which we always gave away anyway). And because most of the CDs are pretty much gone. If you’ve got a copy of either “Live and Unprofessional,” “Epic Noise Now,” or “Saturated Songs,” well, it’s a collector’s item!

Uh, okay. But isn’t this stuff already on the web?
Yeah, if you like the crappy-quality 128 kbps mp3 audio I uploaded to archive.org. Band Camp offers songs in formats as heavy as .flac for lossless awesomeness. I know most of you aren’t audio nerds, though.

Why did the 2004 live album get shafted? Only one song?
Because every song on that one was done better on the 2005/2006 live album, “Deluge and Drought,” which is itself pretty awesome. I think you should check that one out, too.

But I can hear pops and hisses and errors on these songs!
That’s not a question.

But I can hear pops and hisses and errors on these songs?
Of course you can. The series is called “Live and Unprofessional” for a reason: I myself recorded and mixed every track, and I am decidedly not a recording engineer. That’s why the price tag says “Name your price.”

So why should we care?
You don’t have to care, but I care, because Bryn’s guitar on “So Cold,” “Hallelujah,” and “Windward Mark” will rip your head off. Because Bill’s sick drums on all the fast songs sound (to me) like Stewart Copeland at his best. Because Brian sings backup on one song, and has never played rhythm guitar like this again (he has since become a great lead axeman). And because I tunelessly shout my way through some of my best lyrics and do a bad-ass echo-bass solo on “Lightning Rod.”

What’s with the title?
It’s called “Some Reassembly Required” because 1) that’s literally what I was doing in post-production of each CD, 2) it’s literally what I’m doing now in a compilation, and 3) it’s figuratively what we did in 2002/3 in making HW live sets (originals, Mojo Wire songs, Bryn’s solo stuff, covers).

What’s with the cover?
I dunno —it’s…honey-colored? No, seriously, it’s just another way for me to do some album cover design. It’s a montage of all the gig posters I made for HW back in those days. Notice I said “made” and not “designed”—I was not yet a professional creative class yuppie; back then I was mostly wasting the University of California’s time and money in the HR office.

Anything else? No? Well, that seems to have placated the internal-monologue peanut gallery. What about the rest of you?