OK, my turn for a top tunes list in Bryn’s and Brian’s categories and then some. You may guffaw and cringe whenever necessary. I decided to not use the same songs from my last list, and ended up careening through my iPod in a roller-coaster ride so great that it reminded me how much of a rut I can get stuck in, listening-wise.

“Left On,” Sea and Cake. S&C does a Mermen-goes-to-Gaviota impression.
“Took out a Loan,” BRMC. Great first riff/note/song on a hit and miss album.
“Zoo Station,” U2. Edge tries to make his guitar a percussion instrument. And fails.
“The Rolling People,” the Verve. Nick McCabe almost makes up for Richard Ashcroft on vocals.
“Waka” and “Sweethearts,” Camper Van Beethoven. Viva Greg Lisher.
“Lief Erikson,” Interpol. The proverbial reverb-nostalgia sound.
“Skin Diving,” James. The wettest guitar that’s not surf guitar.
“Top Yourself,” Raconteurs. Acoustic slide awesome from Jack White.

“Seven Days,” Cracker. Just my favorite drum sound is all.
“Dress,” PJ Harvey. It’s the semi-syncopation that gets me here.
“Murder by Numbers,” the Police. Obligatory Stewart Copeland entry.
“Song for the Dead,” Queens of the Stone Age. Obligatory Dave Grohl entry.
“Brecon Beacons,” Supergrass. Another favorite drum sound song.
“Finest Worksong,” R.E.M. From back when Bill Berry powered the engine.

“Spiderwebbed,” Tortoise. I can’t have a bass list without Tortoise, that’s why.
“Lipstick Vogue,” Elvis Costello & the Attractions. Bruce Thomas was so good that Costello couldn’t stand it and kicked him out.
“Iiieeee,” Tori Amos. Big, thick, and creamy. Mmmmm.
“The Way,” “Quentin Mack,” and “Dead Nigga Blvd.,” by Meshell Ndegeocello. See note on Tortoise above.
“Jeremiah Blues Pt I,” Sting. Yes, I just put Sting in there. No, I’m not sorry.
“Sixty Seconds in Kingdom Come,” U2. Obscure B-side that rocks the echo-bass. Seriously!
“Three Days,” Jane’s Addiction. Prototypical circular bass line in 10-minute epic form.
“Rain,” the Beatles. Perfect B-side to guitar-driven “Paperback Writer” single.
“All Your Way,” Morphine. Same as Meshell and Tortoise. Great Morphine riff.

“God is in the Radio,” Queens of the Stone Age.
“Isla de Encanta,” Pixies. Black Francis + Spanglish + screaming = awesome.
“Switching Off,” Elbow. Guy Garvey is my favorite singer these days.
“Comfort Eagle,” Cake. Truly the fusion of epic and deadpan. Genius.
“It Wasn’t Me,” Jenny Lewis. “It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, I was stone drunk, it isn’t clear.”
“Prison Girls,” Neko Case. Neko got good once she stopped trying to be Patsy Cline.
“The Seed 2.0,” the Roots. Both Cody Chestnutt and Black Thought effortlessly kick ass.
…and every Tricky song that features Martina Topley-Bird, just on general principles.

“St. Petersburg,” Supergrass. Shuffly piano drives the whole song.
“100% Dundee,” the Roots. Wet echoey keyboards = win.
“Chopsticks,” Liz Phair. It’s the inverse of the Chopsticks scene in Big. In a good way.
“Emily’s Theme/White Rabbit,” Nathan Johnson. The “Brick” riff on piano. Gorgeous.

Random Crap
“Tania,” Camper Van Beethoven. For Jonathan Segel’s violin.
“15 Step,” Radiohead. For the sample of the schoolkids. This could go on the bass one too.
“Turd on the Run,” Rolling Stones. For Mick Jagger’s harmonica.
“Tonight,” TV on the Radio. For the wind chimes.
“The Devil You Know,” Jesus Jones. For the backwards-loop sitar sample. Good vocals too.
“I Miss You,” Bjork. For the accordion sample.
“The Birth and Death of the Day,” Explosions in the Sky. For the whole band’s warm-bath-of-noise intro.

Honey White stuff:
Guitar: Brian on “Dead Man” and “Oblivion,” Bryn on “Keep Moving” and “Let Go,” both on “Blacking Out.”
Drums: “Lighning Rod,” of course, but I really like how the “Blacking Out” drums worked out. And “Sandman” too. Having Bill as a drummer definitely made me a better bassist.
Bass: Personally I really like my simple “Nightfall” line a lot these days. It’s so much fun to play. I’ll also take both versions of “Lightning Rod” plus a side of “Island” and “Mercy Rule.”
Vocals: I agree with Bryn—getting bent definitely helped him pull off a great “Island Fever” take.
Keys: I think the aforementioned “Let Go” and “Keep Moving” entries have this one covered.
Random: What else could it be but the “Sean Goes to Africa” theremin?