In which Brian takes the bait and responds to Bryn’s List of Listyness:

Awesome! After a long day, I’ve been looking for something fun and non-sciencey to think about. My list:

“Cortez the Killer” Neil Young… I’m thinking of the Weld version, but all versions of this song I’ve heard are tremendous
“Dead Man Theme” Neil Young… the perfect blend of distorted messy echoey guitar with acoustic strumming
“Shine on you Crazy Diamond” Pink Floyd… nearly half an hour of awesome guitar playing
“Time Trap” Built to Spill… the intro to this song is one of the best 30 seconds of music ever
“Contra – Alien’s Lair and Boss Music” The Advantage… I realize it’s a little ridiculous to have Nintendo music on this list, but I’m doing it anyway

“Night Light” Sleater Kinney… there are half a dozen tracks on this album that could go on this list. Janet Weiss is awesome.
“The Funny Bird” Mercury Rev… big loud reverby drums of awesomeness
“Are You a Hypnotist??” Flaming Lips… drum machine / drum hybrid, but it sounds great… all produced by Dave Fridmann so far
“Y Control” Yeah Yeah Yeahs… something about the slightly-off timing of the rapid-fire high-hat sounds just awesome
“National Anthem” Radiohead… straight-forward drumming, but it sounds so nice

“As Sure As the Sun” BRMC… bad-ass riff. enough said
“Airbag” Radiohead… ultra-minimalist, but perfect for the song
“Gronlandic Edit” Of Montreal… love this band’s poppy basslines and dance beats
“Hanging On A Curtain” Morphine… I agree with Bryn, the bass on this song rules
“Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell” Flaming Lips… the whole Yoshimi album revolves around awesome bass lines

“The Past Is A Grotesque Animal” Of Montreal… the keyboard solo at the end is so amazing that I had to include this category
“Zero” Yeah Yeah Yeahs… holy shit, their transition from hard rock to dance pop actually worked
“Everything in its Right Place” Radiohead… one of the coolest keyboard sounds ever
“The Rip” Portishead… the second half of the song has such a beautiful keyboard sound
“Old Shit New Shit” the Eels… love the keyboards in the chorus, though I could say that about a lot of Eels songs

“Do the Evolution” Pearl Jam… best voice in the business, I still think
“Zero” Yeah Yeah Yeahs… sexiest voice in the business. I’ve been kind of obsessed with this song recently.
“The Penalty” Beirut… for a crooner, he ain’t half bad
“For Reverend Green” Animal Collective… rapid switching between subdued, yelling, and falsetto, and it somehow works
“Half Day Closing” Portishead… great vocal sound, and that reverb-coated wail at the end sounds amazing

Honey White:
Guitar – Bryn on Let Go. I love tremolo. I should have used it more.
Drums – Drumbot 3000 on Lightning Rod. I love the rapid high-hat hits. No, I mean I LOVE THEM. Runner up: Polarity, I love where the drums took that song.
Bass – Blacking Out. The bass has such a dark vibe that is absolutely perfect for the song.
Keyboards – Keep Moving. I still love tremolo. Plus, it’s me!
Vocals – Keep Moving. I think it has the biggest dynamic shifts and the most feeling. Runner up is Let Go when the backing vocals show up in the last chorus. Man, that sounds awesome.

So there you have it. I was tempted to add a “theramin” category, but I could only come up with three songs. Unless you count that guy on youtube with the bow tie playing that song for his mom. That guy rules. Seriously, he does.

So far Bill and I have resisted the temptation to yet again listify ourselves, but I already feel my willpower growing slack and flabby.