In which Bryn checks in with yet another fanboy list of his favorite musical music, “High Fidelity”-style:

I put this together the other night on the way home from UCI after 4 hours of teaching and 6 hours of sitting in college classes; basically, with my mind wandering helplessly from overwork the thought occurred to me that a few of the songs that had been playing had, for example, one of my favorite guitar or drum tracks. So I decided to expand upon that and come up with my top 5 for guitar, drums, bass and vocals.

“Time,” Pink Floyd. (On the strength of the solo alone.)
“Goin’ Against Your Mind,” Built to Spill. (There is no guitar in this song that is not awesome.)
“And the Flowers They’ll Bloom,” the Mermen. (How does he control feedback so well?)
“Either Way,” Wilco. (How had I never heard of Nels Kline before?)
“Little Wing,” Stevie Ray Vaughan. (Regardless of what you think of his other stuff you should give SRV’s version of this a listen. It’s amazing.)

“Driven to Tears,” the Police. (Best! Drummer! Ever!)
“When the Levee Breaks,” Led Zeppelin. (I don’t care that the drum tone & speed was changed in the studio — they still sound great.)
“Hornet’s Nest,” Los Straitjackets. (Jimmy Lester is a fucking monster.)
“Secret for a Song,” Mercury Rev. (Perfect drum tone, in my opinion.)
“All There Is,” Bad Religion. (Precision & speed.)

“Fear of Fireflies,” Calla. (Hypnotic!)
“Lipstick Vogue,” Elvis Costello & the Attractions. (This almost made it into the drum section too.)
“W.M.A.,” Pearl Jam. (Simple bass lines can still be badass when played right!)
“Hanging on a Curtain,” Morphine. (Best! Bassist! Ever! …Also, his voice is pretty awesome. This was a contender for the vocal category too.)
“Cheapskate,” Supergrass. (A cool circular-sounding bass line.)

“Exit Music (For a Film),” Radiohead. (More or less the full range of Thom Yorke awesomeness.)
“Mojo Pin,” Jeff Buckley. (More or less the full range of Jeff Buckley awesomeness.)
“I Know,” Fiona Apple. (Mmmmm…..)
“Prenzlauerberg,” Beirut. (I have no idea what the words are here. But it doesn’t matter.)
“Grounds for Divorce,” Elbow. (Guy Garvey = amazing vocalist.)

And just for the hell of it, I’ll include a special Honey White section. Because really, why not?

Guitar: “Dead Man.” You probably guessed this already.

Drums: “The Lightning Rod.” What else could it be? Bill, you fucking rock on many other songs too, but I gotta defer to Owen on this one. You do sound like “a drumbot 3000 from some awesome rock future”!

Bass: “It’s Quiet Up Here.” Runner up: “Sweet Oblivion.” The track from your Low Tide soundtrack is just effin’ sweet, Keir. The backup bass lines that you do seal the deal, for me. Though I have always loved that “Oblivion”‘s bass line reminds me of a ship rocking back and forth at sea.

Vocals: I think I have to go with “Island Fever.” I was pissed off over some pointless argument we were having in the studio regarding the vocal melody (“pointless” as in, I was completely wrong in the first place and shouldn’t have argued) so when it came time for the final chorus after Bri’s solo I just yelled it as powerfully as I could into the mic. And what do you know, it turned out pretty well.

And by the way, Brian took the bait. His entry will be posted…soon.