Bill’s magnum opus of unrepetant fanboy-dom continues with his third and final installment, which he ends with an epic throw-down to yours truly. My witty riposte will have to wait until later, but it will come. Oh yes. For now, once again, here’s Bill:

15) Qwel – Can’t dream any longer
Many people do not know that Eminem, while being gifted in a respect, is a corporate sponsored playboy who was one of many that the giants at Death Row records saw as the most commercially digestable. Truth be told, Eminem was not the first white man with a very real gift for hip hop music. Coming out of Chicago, Qwel is a portly caucasion fellow with an extremely gifted mind for thoughtful and raw underground hip hop music. This is my favorite tune off of his album “If it ain’t been in a pawn shop, then it can’t play the blues”

16) The Specials – A Message To You
What needs to be said. The USA had disco.. the british had ska.. we totally got screwed. The group that is, arguably, the biggest band of the 2Tone era singing a song about kids needing to shape up. I loved this song when I was a total pothead, delinquent, and all around asshole kid.. I guess my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something. Glad I finally got around to listening.

17) Sublime – Saw Red
Speaking of that time in ‘high’ school when I was such a delinquent, I used to really love to listen to this group of junkies grooving out and singing all about how all they have is love for life but can’t seem to get it right. This song is also accompanied by Gwen Stefani on the record version, but the live version that is just Brad has a sadness and tremor in his voice that makes it my favorite of the groups’ hands down.

18) Bouncing Souls – Ole
From one of the greatest pop-punk bands ever to come out of southern California comes an epic and simple jaunt of a theme song. I’ve been re-visiting this group a TON as of late and can’t believe that I ever stopped listening to them for so long. When the tune breaks in and the singer swaggers out the line “bouncing souls, no one can beat us, we drink beer and wear adidas!” I get a special feeling. The singer has a true gift for showing that he doesn’t really take himself seriously, and has a great time doing it.

19) Assorted Jellybeans – BooshDuckDow
When this punk trio emerged from a garage in Riverside, California the major players in the punk community of the west coast were literally all lined up at the door to see them play. They had a style and a seemingly natural born genius that was really something. When I met them just before playing that same Club 154 in Boulder, where we met Rancid, they were just three totally un-assuming guys who pooled together enough buddies to make a road trip with and play a few shows outside of California. I remember we were waiting outside the back door to the place and these two white vans pull up and literally about 40 kids piled out of two vans. Immediately the majority of them took off on skateboards and we just sat there going, “is this them?” The band finally piled out of the van and started pulling there gear out.. just three young guys and some cheap equipment, it was awesome. We walk up and ask Wylie if they need help and goes, nah man but thanks. (think they thought we were gonna try and rob em) Kepa asked him what all the skateboards were about and they said that they had basically just hitched along with a group of guys making a skate video.

I remember thinking how fucking cool these guys were, just living the life as if it was the easiest thing to do. When the show started it was a weird scene as happens at Club 154 a lot, the audience was mostly regulars who just see anything that comes through that venue and are diehards for local artists. They basically didn’t care at all or know who the band was, so me and Kepa just start freaking out singing the songs as loud as we can and just jumping around and flailing like drugged out psychos (which we weren’t for once) People were kinda getting mad at us but we didn’t care, and some people saw right off that this band was really good and started getting into it pretty good. I remember during the first song just locking eyes with the lead singer and screaming the lyrics of the song back at him and he had this look like, ‘where the fuck is this guy from’. After that song, the band makes a snide remark thanking the venue for having them and “to our two fans in Colorado who came to see us”. Me and Kepa wore that badge of honor for fucking years.

20) G-Love and Special Sauce – Willow Tree
This is the grooviest drumbeat I’ve ever heard.. this band are three total jazz-nuts that just exhude the blues and cool whenever they play. Seeing them once at Coachella just put me in awe at their dynamics.. like a total jam band but with seriously tight arrangement and subtle blues tinge. This song always makes me feel like I should be wearing sandals and just cruising in a lowrider down the PCH.

21) The Pillows – Ride on Shooting Star
So for about 2 years while I was living at my folks in Carp. and alone in Montecito (right about the same time we were playing our first shows until I started playing in Futureman) I was hooked on this anime FLCL.. I used to just have it playing on my DVD day in day out and I’d just watch it as I could. The pillows were the only band on the soundtrack and I totally fell in love with them.. I would TOTALLY say they are the japanese honey white, but somehow they do all this rocking without a bassist. They have a real range of sound and i literally see a lot of parallel between our bands at least in the types of songs and the way they structure tunes. This song in particular is a funny little tune and this video just makes me laugh at it’s silliness and japanese culture cool.

22) Weezer – My Adeline
I can’t say that much about this band.. I used to think they were gods gift to the world. A group of nerds making great rock songs that just loved music. After they split with the original bassist I started to lose interest but I still love their videos and the way they put a song together. This song is my favorite of theirs and it doesn’t even highlight the awesomeness of Pat’s drumming. Just a barber-shop quartet 23)ode that I’d bet was ripped off from some play or something. I think it’s silly that they did it, but it’s really good and fun to sing along to.

23) ALL – The World’s on Heroin
This is the band that was formed when the Descendents lead singer Milo went off to college to get his PhD (hmm) It’s basically the exact same line up with Chad Price coming in on vocals. Chad already had been doing backup vocals for Milo for years so it seriously sounds just like The Descendents a lot of the time. Although I love the humor in this band’s tune, “She Broke my Dick”, this song just says it all to me. A song about how it feels like everybody around you is on some sort of valium. “The world’s on heroine, too many raging morons in my face, I try to go for all, despite all the under-achievers!” I just love this message and it always gets me pumped to handle whatever I need to.

24) Atom and his Package -Waiting Room
This guy is a crack up.. he’s played in all kinds of bands and is currently in one now, but he made his following doing a college tour with just a casio keyboard that he pre-programmed to accompany him. This song is kinda the one that was his break out, and it was the last cover he did without a band backing him. Fugazi’s version is great, this guy though is epic.

25) Voodoo Glow Skulls – Give Me Someone I Can Trust
This band is great. A bunch of overweight mexican-americans from Orange County who can throw down some of the fastest and most intricately arranged ska-punk I’ve ever heard. The singer has a very distinct voice and they put on one hell of a live show.. I remember seeing them live at the Ogden Theater (oh the memories there) in Denver. The drummer was doing this crazy fast part where he was hitting the bell of the ride cymbal kinda like I do in Lightning Rod.. well the thing was that just about every sixth hit the stick would slip and he would fling it across stage (I guess he had grown use to this cause he had a giant bag of them taped to his hi-hat stand) and he just kept pulling them out, and keeping perfect time doing it too.. it was crazy. I swear he must have gone through at least 20 sticks in just one half of one song. I thought that was totally cool. This is also the first song I ever heard on my own self-bought stereo in my first car. My girlfriend put it in there and me and Kepa were just blown away. I still have the tape (I just found it last year underneath the carpet of that car when i got it shipped out from Colorado)

26) NOFX – The Decline
It was only a matter of time before this band made it onto my list. Without a doubt the most talented punk band ever. period. This song is thee greatest punk song ever written. period. 18 minutes and 51 seconds of non-stop awesome fucking song about life. If you’ve never heard it I have failed you as a friend. I converted Marika’s classical ears to punk rock forever with this one song. I left the cd in her car and after a few months of listening to it on the way to and from work she realized it was all the same song.. and that the group was the stuff of legend. Damn straight. I’ve tried to cover this song in three different bands.. never made it all the way through, but Futureman made it to about 11 minutes once while still sounding decent.. that’s about all I could ever ask for I think.

27) The Planet Smashers – Wish I Were American
This tongue-in-cheek tune is classic planet smashers. The group of hockey loving, canadian, misfits have a giant catalog of songs I could put on this list, but for some reason this one makes me feel so good. I guess because I always wanted to cecede from the nation and the fact that these guys made fun of the mentality, of americans to think, that everybody would want to be a citizen of their country just echoes through my heart.

28) Arctic Monkeys – Riot Van
Yeah that’s the same band that coined that annoying dancefloor song on the radio. I can’t believe it either. Fact is though, that song is a fluke thank god. They have a large discography and all the other songs I’ve heard I REALLY like. This one is really great, has a weird little pause thing going on in it which makes me happy every time I try and tap along. Also the subject matter of being a bystander watching punk kids be idiots to riot cops reminds me of Halloweens on CU campus.

29) DanceHall Crashers – Cat Fight
This group has been a favorite of mine since I was 15. Hailing out of Op Ivy’s home town of Oakland they brought a blend of fifties greaser cool to the third wave punk ska movement. Funny enough the band was founded and formed by Tim Armstrong of Rancid/Op Ivy fame and he left very shortly after. The two lead singers, Elyse and Karina, are two beautiful vixens with an amazing harmonic quality that they indulge in with every song. In their own words, “This song is about how guys love to watch girls fight, (and the crowd goes wild with applause) and how we think it’s really fucking lame that they like to watch girls fight, yeah that wasn’t exactly supposed to garner applause people.. maybe they’re applauding for the song though, cause we think it sucks… the fighting, not the song.”

30) 311 – Color
Yeah you knew there had to be a 311 one thrown in here somewhere right? you guys know how I could go on and on about this drummer and this band so I’ll leave it at this. This is one of the songs solely written by the drummer. He did everything on it from arrangement, to performance and mixing. It is an instrumental that always makes me feel good and want to play music.

31) Honey White – Lightning Rod
Yes I’m going to put one of our songs on the list (hey if two of you can then I can too) I orginally was gonna put Mercy Rule down because I love how much we all had such a huge part in making that song come together (reads, I felt like I actually contributed a lot to it’s overall feel) and it is so easy going and always good to come back too. The truth is though, that Lightning Rod is like my Stairway to Heaven. I listen to it and I thank god that I was able to find a group of guys cool enough to let me explode on the drums for a song like that. I listen and I can’t believe that I did it, I can’t figure out how I did some of it and the fact that it was recorded and will forever be archived away to show my grandkids means SO much to me. Not to mention the fact that literally when we are playing the slow version it puts me in such a state of zen, living in the now and just catching and holding on to each second, it’s like a high that no drug could ever give you. I dream of being able to re-invent this song a third time.. I have ideas of what it would be like, I have the place now, and a little bit of the scratch.. and if I can just find a way to skim a bit more money together I’ll get that electronic kit and give it a real go. It seems though, that whatever we dream or plan for, life always throws us curve balls that we end up trying to foul tip, or just bunting in desperation. Still it feels that if it comes to be in twenty years I can count on you guys to go above and beyond to help me realize that dream and to once again come together and be “the best music to ever come out of Isla Vista.” hehe.

Anyway gents.. that’s my list.. sorry it’s such a novel but I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reading yours. Now.. if only we could get the bassist to put down his novel for a minute and write us one we’d have something we could really blow minds with whenever somebody asked us what our influences were. We could just maybe kill that god forsaken question once and for all with this one.