05-?? Adam Hill, Bryn DuBois, and Kevin Nerison first rehearse together at Kevin’s in Laguna Niguel.
06-?? Keir joins band. Second rehearsal, at Buccaneer St., and then a third at Kevin’s. Latter is recorded in mono.
09-?? 4th rehearsal (at Kevin’s), also recorded in mono. Band is named “the Clap.”
12-20 First gig: Harbor Boat Parade in Newport Beach. Lineup: Bryn/Keir/Kevin, with Jason Ross on 2nd guitar.
12-21 Second gig at Newport. Same lineup.

01-?? Recording of “Drum Machine Demos” begins, by Bryn.
06-?? Band changes name to “The Mojo Wire.” Keir begins writing “Battery Acid Blues” music column for UCSB Daily Nexus.
08-22 Third gig: MacAllister wedding reception in Laguna Niguel. Lineup: Adam/Bryn/Keir/Kevin.
09-?? Adam/Bryn/Keir relocate to Isla Vista, recruit next-door neighbor Brandon Klopp as drummer, and record demos with him.
11-24 Gig at a Bedrock building keg party, Isla Vista. Lineup: Adam/Bryn/Keir/Brandon.
12-02 Another gig at the Bedrock building. Same lineup as previous.
12-15 The Mojo Wire releases Battery Acid Blues demo album as CD-R.
12-20 Gig at Holiday Inn, Laguna Hills. Same lineup.

01-10 Gig at Bedrock keg party in I.V. Same lineup.
02-07 Another gig at Bedrock keg party in I.V. Same lineup.
03-15 Gig at Ping Pong Pizzeria (now Dublin’s) in Isla Vista, with many new songs debuted. Same lineup.
04-08 The Mojo Wire releases Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor demo album as CD-R.
04-?? Both demo CD albums reviewed favorably in the UCSB Daily Nexus “Artsweek” section.
04-?? Brandon relocates away from Isla Vista. Keir’s Daily Nexus column ends.
05-08 Gig at Dana Hills High School. Kevin re-joins the Mojo Wire for this show on drums.
09-?? Band breaks summer hiatus with new demo recordings begun by Bryn/Keir/Kevin at Kevin’s in Laguna Niguel
10-?? Adam returns to Isla Vista. Band becomes trio as Bryn switches to drums on additional new demos. Sean Blaschke and Brian Wolff move into Brandon’s old apartment, next door to Adam/Bryn/Keir.
10-24 Gig at the Bedrock in I.V. Lineup: Adam/Keir/Bryn.
11-11 Gig at Ping Pong in I.V. Same trio lineup.
11-?? Guitarist Joe Zulli begins rehearsing with the band. New songs debuted, but demos for next album shelved until 1999.
11-20 Gig at Biko Co-Op House in I.V. Lineup: Adam/Joe/Keir/Bryn.

01-06 Gig at the Ranch, Isla Vista. Lineup: Adam/Joe/Keir/Bryn.
01-16 Gig at Sigma Phi Epsilon in I.V. Same lineup.
04-20 The Mojo Wire releases Seaside Hamlet Skids demo album as CD-R.
04-23 Another gig at SigEp, with same lineup.
06-?? Unable to land gigs outside Isla Vista, the Mojo Wire goes on another summer hiatus.
07-26 Keir and Bryn form instrumental side project Low Tide and release Dive E.P. as CD-R.
09-?? Keir/Bryn and Adam/Joe move into adjoining apartments in the Penthouse building, Isla Vista. New recordings begin.

01-?? Sporadic rehearsal and demo recording at Penthouse building, then 3 months of band inactivity.
04-?? Bryn records and releases his own solo demo CD-R, My Second Shipwreck.
07-?? The band moves all rehearsal and recording activity to a new base in Bryn’s garage at 6710 Sabado Tarde in I.V.
10-?? The Mojo Wire releases demo CD-R single of “Heart on a Platter,” but it fails to win higher-profile gigs.
10-?? Recordings continue, comprised of new songs and re-recordings of older Mojo Wire songs.
12-15 Comeback gig at 6710 Sabado. Lineup: Adam/Joe/Keir/Bryn. Openers: Bryn and Brian on guitar, Adam and Sean boxing.

01-26 Gig at 6710 Sabado. Lineup is the Joe/Keir/Bryn power trio.
01-?? Keir begins writing sporadically for the Santa Barbara Independent.
02-16 *Another gig at 6710 Sabado, with same power-trio lineup.
04-07 *Yet another gig at 6710 Sabado, a “public rehearsal” for upcoming Giovanni’s gig. Lineup: Adam/Joe/Keir/Bryn.
04-12 *Gig at Giovanni’s, Isla Vista. Same lineup as 04-07.
04-?? Keir and Bryn hold impromptu jam session at the Sabado garage with Kevin & friends, up from Pepperdine.
06-03 What proves to be the final Mojo Wire gig takes place at Anisq Oyo Park, Isla Vista. At the show, the Mojo Wire releases the You’re On Your Own demo album as CD-R.
10-23 Joe/Keir/Bryn rehearse for the first time at Earl Arnold’s Table Salt studio in downtown Santa Barbara.
11-20 Adam/Joe/Keir/Bryn rehearsal at Table Salt proves to be the final Mojo Wire rehearsal.