As many of you know, Honey White guitarist Brian Wolff has been PhD-ing it in Washington DC since the 2007/08 school year. When not plumbing the mysteries of human neuroscience, Brian has been playing guitar and singing in a new indie-psychedelic duo called the Neuro Farm that he formed with singer-violinist Rebekah Feng.

He had been sending us teasers of their tunes throughout 2010, most notably the epic “Bubble” featured in my “new songs” post here. Bryn, Bill, Marika and I got to put a Honey White spin on their song “Dreams” when HW reconvened in November and December.

Well, now Brian’s telling us that “we’re getting close to finishing a short album, and I’m so excited about crossing the 30-minutes-of-music threshold,” and he sent us a link to some tunes. They’re pretty rad:

The Neuro Farm on MySpace