Neuro Farm update!

Brian and Rebekah have recruited drummer Frank Lee Ruggles, and they played their first gig as a trio last night at the Pinch in DC. They appear first on a huge bill with 4 other acts: the Aaron Ginns Band, Proxy States, The JoGo Project, and Annie Stokes.

Set: Dreams – Black Wings – DC Dead – Skeletons – Mercy – Resolution – Lucky (Radiohead cover) – Elephant Woman (Blonde Redhead cover) – Bubble

Frank was clearly stoked:

“What a fun night at my first gig with The Neuro Farm! It was a night of firsts…my first live gig in almost 15 years, my first drumming in front of a crowd in 30 years, my first time drumming with a band….in fact, I just got this set a few weeks ago and re-taught myself how to play over the course of three band practices. It was not my normal Thursday night!”

Looks like it was a super fun night all around! Check out these killer photos of the band by Todd Crespi:

neurofarm-pinch-crespi-01 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-02 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-03 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-04 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-05 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-06 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-07 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-08 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-09 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-10 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-11 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-12 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-13 neurofarm-pinch-crespi-14