Today, The Mojo Wire’s third “album” turns 15 years old. It’s not a big deal to anyone except us, because despite its ramshackle quality, this recording captured an interesting moment for us in 1998/1999. It’s endearingly low-fi.

I wrote more about it much better several years ago (and much worse, several years before that), after the songs had a chance to evolve through two other bands. Mine in particular aren’t at all the same, and Adam’s and Bryn’s also changed, so I thought it might be fun to compile token versions of them all and compare.

Have a listen:

Here’s the original album to compare. Bryn’s since said he’d probably rewrite a few of his tunes too:

What’s more, I even had some stupid fun making images of SHS and its singles (which were never released) as vinyl records, because why not?