A brilliant woman called me a rock star yesterday. That’s all I really need in life.

I’ve decided to celebrate by centering This Week in Youtube on ME. First up, my shouty vocals in the Mojo Wire’s classic stomper from 2001:

Next, my bass drives one of Honey White’s best 2004 studio takes, where Brian and Bryn get to freak out with effects on a song with no chorus. Billy holds it all together, and amazingly it works:

The last two this week are kind of fun. Sometime in 2005, Honey White jammed out on one of Brian’s many epic guitar riffs. It didn’t go anywhere, so I altered it a bit and ambient-ified it in 2008 for my book soundtrack…

…and then in 2010, with Radblaster, Bryn turned it into this:

I think next week will be the last week of this silliness. That’ll be five free songs from each band on Youtube at that point. Still left to do there, however, is update Honey White’s old, low-quality gig videos from 2003/4.