Just a quickie here for collecting some notable Honey White gig anniversaries from the first half of 2003:

On January 30, Honey White played our longest set ever (22 songs), at the UCSB University Center. This show was also filmed for webcast. Note the genius of wearing black shirts against a black background. 3/4 of the band did this. The one guy who didn’t now has a PhD. Not a coincidence.

Here’s the Ucen audio:

On April 22, we appeared on local S.B. TV’s “Musical Café” show. They tested a new mixing board on us, so we looked better than we sounded.

MCTV audio:

On April 30, we made our downtown SB debut, at the Wildcat Lounge—complete with ironic groupie shirts and synchronized dance moves.

Here’s the audio:

That about covers it for notable anniversaries (at least the decade-markers). Not too many coming up for many many moons…