Gettin' Extracurricular

We’ve been busy making music in recent years (recent being, uh, since 2008?), just not always making music with each other. Aside from the occasional Honey White or Radblaster reunion, Keir’s done some side project and solo recordings, Bryn’s done several solo gigs (and is currently recording too), and Brian’s enjoyed a very successful project: The Neuro Farm. Scroll down to have a look and listen!

Keir's Projects:Low Tide & Solo Work

Keir’s slung his low-key, ambient echo-bass music in two forms: instrumentally as Low Tide in 1999 and 2008 (with help from various Mojo Wire and Honey White bandmates) as well as by himself on a solo E.P. in 2015. Turn up the bass for these tunes!


Featured Video

Keir DuBois – “Making Your Move, Pt. 2” (2015)

Bryn's Solo Gigs

Bryn’s taken his acoustic arsenal out to play around South O.C. in recent years. Here’s a roundup:

The Dubious Duo

Keir and Bryn have done more than a few gigs as a duo over the years. Here’s a quick collection of them all:

The Neuro Farm

Brian formed the Neuro Farm with Rebekah Feng in October 2010, combining vocal harmony with soaring violin melodies and driving rhythm guitar. They were later joined by bassist Christopher Willett and drummer Colin Diemer, who added a powerful rhythm section to the dark and dreamy sound.

Everyone at My Band Rocks HQ is super-stoked for them and their continuing success! Check out the Neuro Farm on their website for the latest updates!