Many of you may not know that Bill is a crazy pool shark. Well, from my point of view he sure as hell is. He’s just informed us that he’ll be in Las Vegas playing in the BCA National 8-Ball Championships. Bill’s league team finished first place in their division and they will be playing in the playoffs for the next three Tuesdays, then next weekend (the 21st and 22nd) he will be playing in the All-Star Tournament.

Now, we’re all multi-talented in our own ways, but I think Bill’s mad skills at the pool table beat the crap out of my mad skills in geography trivia. Sure, Sailor Bryn actually might give Bill a run for his money, and who knows what nefarious abilities Brian has been honing these many years, but do they know the capital of Slovenia at the drop of a hat? No. I, however, cannot play pool sober, and only think I can after a few drinks, so I am happy to join the rest of Honey White in wishing our drummer the best of luck in Vegas.