Ten years ago, I wrote some essays about each Mojo Wire and Honey White album released up to that point, and dubbed it “The History Mix” series. Because I have a thing for numbers and anniversaries, I decided to re-link them all here because 1) I can, and 2) more are coming. That’s right—my goal is to cover the releases I’ve been involved with in the past decade: Low Tide, Honey White, Radblaster, and solo stuff. It may be silly to spill so many pixels on amateur recordings that mostly nobody’s heard of, but if I don’t write them, nobody else will, right? So for now, here are the older columns. Stay tuned for newer stuff; that’s when the real fun starts.

Mojo Wire albums:

  • Twelve-Bar Ruse 9.6.06 The Mojo Wire built our debut album Battery Acid Blues (1997) with two of rock’s primary colors: blues and surf.
  • Don’t Mix Your Drinks 1.29.06 The Mojo Wire prematurely stumbles into sophomore slump on Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor  (1998), our sprawling, schizophrenic second album.
  • No Lifeguard on Duty 2.5.06 Washed up and dried out, the Mojo Wire goes acoustic on Seaside Hamlet Skids (1999) and flirts with escapism, which doesn’t flirt back.
  • Things Fall Apart 4.21.06 Every band has a document of their dissolution. For the Mojo Wire, that document is You’re On Your Own (2001).

Honey White albums:

  • Instant Gratification 5.4.06 Honey White kick-starts our alleged career with ease on the multifaceted My Band Rocks E.P. (2002).
  • Performance Enhancement 9.10.06 Honey White displays a rapidly expanding sonic presence on back-to-back live albums: Live and Unprofessional and Epic Noise Now! (both released 2003).
  • Feeling Gravity’s Pull 4.23.06 Honey White’s debut full-length album How Far is the Fall (2005), aka “Welcome to the rest of your life. Do not pass Go and do not quit your day job.”
  • Few and Far Between 12.1.07 A sparse pool of Honey White gigs spawns two more self-produced live albums, Saturated Songs (2004) and Deluge and Drought (2007).

Everything Else:

  • The Soundtrack Of Your Life 8.25.16 How many wannabe authors write pseudonymous soundtracks for their mediocre self-published novels? I’m guessing just me, for The Weapon of Young Gods by Low Tide (2008).
  • Don’t Call It A Comeback 9.10.16 When the Mojo Wire reunited as Radblaster, and when Honey White reconvened too, we recorded it all for the Corridan and Hecho En Naranjastan EPs (both released 2011).
  • Rushing The Miracle Man 11.28.16 It took almost 20 years, but I finally barfed out a solo release: the ambient, bass-heavy Rotten Miracles E.P. (2015).