One of the many great things about making music with Adam, Bryn, and Kevin again, as Radblaster, is being able to go back and play some sick versions of selected Mojo Wire classics. Of course, Bryn and I did this frequently in Honey White, but only with the songs that we wrote. It would have been wrong and dumb to attempt “Key West Tapwater” or “Long Black Leather Boots” without Adam, but now we can do those very tunes.

One of the many great things about Bandcamp is that it allows me the opportunity to foist all this stuff upon the universe once we record it. Since Radblaster only has so many originals, I thought I’d put some of the Mojo covers up too. They were too much fun to keep to ourselves. I also thought our seven rabid fans might like to compare the latest versions to the originals, just for S&Gs, so here they are:

Key West Tapwater is my favorite Adam song. It was the kickoff track on the third Mojo Wire demo album back in 1999, a sunny little slice of surf-noir. Radblaster rocks it a bit more, not unlike the latter-day Mojo lineup of 2001. The cover is first (from Wall of Sound in Anaheim, 4/10/11), original version second:

Long Black Leather Boots was the meanest Mojo Wire blues tune in the set back in 1997. We recorded a blistering version of it for our first demo album the same year, and it lurked deep in Mojo Wire live show sets until the band fell apart in 2001. The new version here is from a December 2010 rehearsal at Adam’s house in San Clemente. The original version follows it:

Blue Lantern Cove was originally recorded solo by Adam in 1999 or 2000. We tacked it on the end of the final Mojo Wire odds-and-sods CD in 2001, but it always deserved better than that. Radblaster plays it as a full band, complete with “Pulp Fiction”-style mellow menace. The new version is also from Adam’s on 12/18/10; the original follows:

We initially played several other Mojo tunes in our first few rehearsals of 2010—”Fatal Flaws,” “One Last Hallelujah,” “Margarita,” and more—but once we got them out of our system, new Radblaster originals and some other unique covers showed up. It’s nice to have the old stuff ready, though. Just in case.