Just finished a retro-early-’60s video for Radblaster’s reverby surf-ballad “Stranded.” Check it out:

I don’t do a lot of video work these days, mostly because it’s a pain in the ass, but in this case I made an exception, because 1) I thought it might be a good idea, and 2) I wanted to make use of my trial version of Adobe Premiere. Not a lot of fancy stuff going on in here, but I think it works.

A few years back, my wife Emily’s aunt and uncle had some old Super-8 home-movie footage converted to DVD, originally filmed by Emily’s grandfather but not digitized until after he died in 2002. We lost Em’s dad Glenn in 1998 too so the footage of him as a boy and young man surfing is great to have. Location-wise, there’s stuff in there from everywhere—Trestles to Rincon to Carp—but what I was interested in was the Killer Dana bits from before Dana Point Harbor was built.

That stuff fits with the song, because “Stranded” is about a place that doesn’t exist anymore (my childhood), and Killer Dana literally does not exist anymore. I wrote more about this in its “30 Songs” entry here. Radblaster recorded this version in April 2011 and released it on our debut demo E.P. Hecho En Naranjastan. It’s Adam’s music, my lyrics and a great performance from the band. Kevin semi-syncopated the drums for a mellow reggae feel, and Bryn’s guitar tone is perfect: Epic and yet understated.

So really, when it comes to this video all I did was edit. Grandpa Al shot all the film and Em’s dad is the boy who’s surfing. Her uncle Jim is in there a few times too. I have no idea who all those pretty girls are.