The Mojo Wire

476136403_4902517c1b_oThe Mojo Wire did its indie-garage-rock thing in Orange County and Isla Vista from 1996-2001. This site is up for history/posterity reasons, and because people can be a bit weird about their first band.

That image at left, though, is actually the final incarnation of the Mojo Wire (1998-2001); three different Mojo lineups afflicted the dark corners of coastal Southern California in their scant five years of activity. Check out the full history here.

You may have seen other Mojo Wires running around the internet over the years (by our count, there have been at least two other bands called the Mojo Wire, one of which contained some semi-famous people), but it’s safe to say that this Mojo Wire was the first, and probably worst, of them all. And this Mojo Wire isn’t sorry.