The Mojo Wire hasn't heard of you either.

The Mojo Wire did its indie-garage-rock thing in Orange County and Isla Vista from 1996-2001. before a variety of amicable reasons split up the members of this garage-rock combo, capping off a stretch of four self-recorded, self-released albums, twenty-three slapdash, scattershot gigs, and a whole lotta loud, messy fun.

They began when guitarists Adam Hill and Bryn DuBois formed a blues band in Dana Point, CA during May 1996, and recruited Keir DuBois (bass) and Kevin Nerison (drums) as rhythm section. Soon named in honor of Hunter Thompson’s annoying fax device, the band moved to Santa Barbara, CA and switched drummers, adding Brandon Klopp for about a year before shifting the lineup again to add Joe Zulli on guitar and moving Bryn to drums.

The group’s sound morphed along with its membership, from blues to surf to psychedelic to rootsy folk/country to garage rock, but always present was a bent, bizarro sensibility infecting anything they did. The Mojo Wire entered an extended hiatus in 2002 when the brothers DuBois went on to form Honey White.

The Mojo Wire Archive

This site is up for history/posterity reasons, and because people can be a bit weird about their first band. Especially when their first band was three different bands. You may have seen other Mojo Wires running around the internet over the years, but it’s safe to say that this Mojo Wire was the first, and probably worst, of them all—and we’re not sorry. We probably should be, based on the evidence, though. Check it out: