Recently I’d threatened to unleash a ton of new Low Tide music upon the world, and just to show I’m not always all talk, I’m tossing off 5 of the 16 tracks from the all-instrumental “Weapon Of Young Gods” soundtrack for everyone’s moody ambient enjoyment. Now that the “short novel” of the same name got its own blog this morning, I figured it was about time to release some tunes. I only want to write a few things about them right now, just for context, since who the hell knows when the final version of the story will be finished.

So- points of reference in terms of music include two expansively epic instrumental groups: The Mermen and Explosions in the Sky. The massive Mermen songs always remind me of growing up in Dana Point, where much of the story takes place, and I did actually compile an all-Mermen soundtrack to play while writing. Explosions is the powerhouse quartet from Texas who most famously played the music for the “Friday Night Lights” movie and TV show, but their proper albums are some of my favorite recordings. They manage to bottle the wide open spaces of Texas in the same way the Mermen seem to encapsulate the feel of California.

Other influences include Nathan Johnson’s soundtrack for “Brick,” one of my favorite films (which also takes place in South OC); same for Neil Young’s music for “Dead Man.” The first two albums by Tortoise also figured big, because they always remind me of nighttime in Isla Vista, another main setting. The U2/Eno “Passengers” collaboration was influential too, not only because Eno is the king of ambient, but because that album came out right in the middle of when this story takes place: late 1995/early 1996.

As for the new Low Tide/WOYG songs themselves, I’ll just say that “First Set At Strands” is exactly that- the sound of waves at my favorite childhood beach; “Backwards Fear” is dorm-drinking music based on a piece of Brian and Luke’s that I reversed and grafted onto a jazzy beat of Billy’s, plus a bassline from me; “It’s Quiet Up Here” is refuge-music, looking out toward Catalina from my grandparent’s backyard; “Calaveras Desagradables” is nightmare music, and “Starting Fires” is less about arson and more about ambush.

I plan to release the whole shebang in March, definitely on the web, and maybe as a CD. Anyway, the audio: