Yes that’s right, I’ve been cooking up some solo tunes for release on a solo demo EP. Uh, surprise?

It’ll probably be digital-only, and I can’t promise it’ll be out this year, but I want to release it at some point. The problem is, it’s nowhere near ready. I mean, the most I’ve got is some lyrics (5 to be precise) and a cool, Michael-Schwab-inspired cover.

It’s been an ass-backwards project from the beginning; I’d been writing these tunes since early 2012, but didn’t actually finish any lyrics until about a year later. They didn’t seem like they’d fit in with what Bryn, Adam and I have been doing acoustically, so I wanted to find out if I could do a solo thing.

Nothing’s ready to even preview or tease yet, but the sound is pretty much what you might expect: Low Tide ambient-bass guitar stuff with my vocals on top. My original goal was to release it before 2014 was up, but obviously that didn’t happen because of work and AIGA and some other stuff—so maybe this year will be it, but I make no promises.

It’s provisionally called “Rotten Miracles” because I noticed that most of the lyrics dealt with professional stress from my design career, where if I got rushed I made rotten miracles, so I stole Miracle Max’s wisdom and made it my own. Almost all of it stemmed from my highly stressful and relatively unhappy days before switching jobs in summer 2013, but of course extremely exaggerated like you can do with 3 verses and a chorus.

That brings me to the only other thing worth noting: provisional song titles. The finished lyrics have an asterisk:

Rotten Miracles*
Making Your Move*
Each Sold Separately*
Aim Low
Keeping Score
New Home Town
Creation Myths

The finished project may have all or most of those. Again, no idea when it’ll see release, but it’s happening. Allegedly.