Drummer Billy Fedderson helped us out with recording last week, but unfortunately I forgot to flick a few switches and we only got drum, bass and Brian’s guitar down for all tracks attempted. We’d wired 2 4-tracks together and I thought I was being cool and clever, but apparently my recording engineering class isn’t paying off yet. Kinda like when I flubbed the Mojo Wire’s show at Giovanni’s last year. We’ll try it again this week, but won’t worry so much about perfect takes. I’ve also finished mixing on some of Bryn’s demos that he’s made, and once I crunch those to mp3 they’ll be up on the sounds page. Same goes for the 2 tunes already listed there- the full set will be “Windward Mark”, “Wayfaring Stranger”, “Run From Me”, “I Fly Free”, and “You Let Me Fall”.