Honey White – Bio

Honey White began in Santa Barbara during the fearful year of 2002, when the brothers (and Mojo Wire bandmates) Bryn and Keir DuBois recruited guitarist Brian Wolff and drummer Bill Fedderson to help them mash together rock, roots, punk, and reggae into a unique mix of expansively epic noise.

Their debut demo My Band Rocks was praised by the Santa Barbara Independent as “some of the best music to come out of Isla Vista,” and then after unloading three self-produced live albums in as many years, Honey White unleashed a new studio album of crushing power and sweet release titled How Far is the Fall.

The group has been based in the Santa Barbara area, but they have also made live appearances around California in support of their album, recorded in San Francisco with Jonathan Mayer. A fourth live disc—Deluge and Drought—was released in 2007.

Honey White reunited briefly in late 2010, resulting in the one-off Corridan demo, but went into semi-permanent hibernation the following year. Bill departed for Colorado, Brian formed the Neuro Farm in Germany, and the brothers DuBois formed Radblaster in Orange County.


Bryn DuBois – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard


The world breathed a sigh of relief when Bryn DuBois decided to forgo all other musical ambitions to form Honey White in 2002 with his older brother Keir. Learning the piano at a young age, he progressed to guitar by 1996, just in time to jumpstart the Mojo Wire’s notoriously ignored career. Not content with that, Bryn then declared his intention to master the drums, taking advantage of a lull in Mojo activity to megalomaniacally write and record a solo album of surf-rock in 2000.

Ascending to uncontested frontmanly status in Honey White was then only a matter of time. An ardent disciple of everyone from the Mermen to Jeff Buckley, Bryn is happiest when coaxing oceanic tones out of his blue Fender Jag while belting an epic chorus into the nearest microphone. He is also an accomplished sailor as well as an unrepetant classical history nerd.

Brian Wolff – Lead Guitar, Special Effects, Vocals


Brian Wolff had been nefariously honing his guitar skills for three years before joining Honey White, and his baffled bandmates still bitterly resent the fact that Brian has become this good in only his first band. A devotee of classic guitar giants like Neil Young and David Gilmour, Brian also finds time to soak up music by Radiohead and BRMC. Each Honey White show finds Brian amiably churning out billowing typhoons of flanging reverb and echoing feedback, and every once in a while he deigns to provide a few backing vocals as well.

Brian is also a biopharmacological genius, cooking up who knows what in his roving laboratory while effortlessly charging through any book he picks up. All of this has so far obscured and overshadowed his one debilitating weakness: Brian is compelled to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album whenever it is played.

Keir DuBois – Bass Guitar, Vocals


Keir has been steadily destroying his own credibility in rock bands for over ten years. As bassist/vocalist in the Mojo Wire, he helped that group inflict themselves upon the populace of Isla Vista, California from 1997-2001. Before that, he was part of a band actually named the Clap. Keir is also a recovering music journalist, having written unnecessarily opinionated spew for both the UCSB Daily Nexus and the Santa Barbara Independent.

Forming Honey White has allowed Keir to further inflate his ego despite the fact that he is the oldest, fattest, and baldest member of the band. Keir is anticipating the day when he can be as righteously grumpy as Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and David Lowery, while simultaneously playing his Fender J-bass as poorly as Adam Clayton or as uniquely as Mark Sandman. Then no one will ever need to know that he also likes graphic arts, history, geography, politics, baseball, and gloriously crazed manipulations of the written word.

Bill Fedderson – Drums & Percussion


Bill Fedderson powers Honey White with his jazz-trained percussive chops, which he’s been refining since the ripe old age of nine. Immersing himself in the ethos of punk early on, Bill has provided deadly rapid-fire fills from Colorado to California for bands like Fallaway and Futureman. Even so, he takes on challenges in any genre, absorbing everything from 311 to Nick Drake to NOFX, and is in particular a diehard champion of reggae and ska.

The dynamic drummer is well aware that Honey White would rapidly fragment without the glue of his supple, improvised grooves. He relishes this power greatly and wields it with a fearsome authority, all the while lying in wait for the opportunity to diabolically unleash the magnum opus that is “Brother Bill and the Angry Hippo” on an unsuspecting world. Until then his invincible army of RC cars continue to mercilessly demolish all competition.
Honey White: History Mix 2002-2007