The whole band was asked a series of questions for this piece that pretty much used none of them, so I’ve decided to just run ’em all here. Enjoy:

Who are your influences?

Bryn DuBois (vocals, guitar): Jeff Buckley, The Mermen, and Eels, to name a few.
Brian Wolff (guitar): Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Radiohead, Pearl Jam.
Keir DuBois (bass guitar): Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Morphine, U2, the Police, Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven.
Bill Fedderson (drums): Weezer, The Roots, Coldplay and 311 (yeah all the big names).

What style do you consider your music?
Bryn: I always have difficulty narrowing the description beyond “Rock”. But we love sounding big & echoey, so maybe “Epic Rock” works. Or “Epic Rock That Rocks!!” Maybe.
Bill: Obivously we classify ourselves as EPIC underwater garage geek squad rockers on too little drugs!
Brian: Epic underwater garage geek squad rockers on exactly the right amount of drugs. Except Keir, he needs more drugs.
Keir: I’ll also have to go with the “epic rock” tag. Our stuff is pretty personal but we dress it up in enough pomposity that people usually think we’re egomaniacal instead of hypersensitive.

What makes you guys different from any other band?
Bryn: The fact that we all live in different cities and still manage to rock. And that Billy is secretly a Drumbot 3000x from some awesome rock future. Not many of them around today.
Brian: I don’t know about that one. But we’ve got unusually diverse styles, tastes, and localities.
Keir: Our ability to play a good tight show with minimal rehearsal. Doesn’t happen every time, but when we do pull off a great gig after only one hour of practice over the last couple of months, we feel pretty cool. And surprised.
Bill: Our dedication to sincerity can sometimes outweigh our egotistical rocker stances!

What is your favorite song that you have written?

Bryn: Island Fever. It feels like it has the right amount of groove, rock, and epic size.
Brian: Blacking Out, because we’re all being very creative in our different ways.
Keir: The Lightning Rod. It’s from our first CD and not on the new one, but we recently destroyed and then rebuilt it musically from the ground up. Miraculously, it survived, so it earned a gold star from me.
Bill: I’d say Shipwreck but nobody knows about that, so I’ll say Sean Goes To Africa.

What inspires you?
Bryn: Going to a really awe-inspiring show. When I see a band at the top of their game it inevitably makes me want to play too.
Brian: Effects pedals!
Keir: My bandmates’ playing. These days I’m happy to simply come up with a killer bass line and/or sharp lyrics to attach to the great tunes they constantly
churn out.
Bill: I get inspired by my bandmates, and by fast cars, and by getting older, and by every girl who has ever said she likes drummers when she didn’t know I played drums.