Freebie E.P. of rough demo mixes from our first rehearsals in three years. Some are Honey White songs, some are Radblaster songs, and one is a Neuro Farm song. Released 4/12/11.

Bryn DuBois – vocals, guitar. Brian Wolff – vocals, guitar. Keir DuBois – bass guitar, backing vocals. Marika Fedderson – melodica. Bill Fedderson – electronic drums. Recorded by Bill, Keir and Roland November and December 2010 at the Corridan Gallery in Santa Barbara. Post-production by Keir at Gilbert Lane. All songs written by Honey White, copyright 2005-2011, except “Dreams,” written by Brian Wolff for the Neuro Farm, and “Becalmed,” by Bryn DuBois for Radblaster. Art direction and design by Keir DuBois.