Yep, it’s true—Bryn and Brian boomed into town yesterday, and so we all got together at the Corridan Gallery in Santa Barbara to rock out and shoot a video. Bill’s wife (and longtime #1 Honey White fan) Marika joined us on keyboard, and we ran through (and I recorded) a whole day’s worth of songs, including new one “Historical Friction.” Then Bill’s brothers Justin and Chris broke out the heavy equipment to film a new clip for “Let Go” (those are makeshift green screens in the photo). Non-musical highlights for me included a return to Garrett’s for great grub, scoring something called “Banana Bread Beer” at BevMo, and demolishing everyone else at a game of HORSE in the backyard.

2010 has been a banner year for band resurrections—as you may know, the original Mojo Wire has reassembled for 3 rehearsals this year as well—so hopefully we will get new gigs and/or recordings for both bands in 2011. Cross your fingers and toes.