We’ll be celebrating a special anniversary at the end of this month. Yeah yeah—I know that these days this website isn’t much more than a parade of milestone anniversaries—with only a few new updates if Bryn or Brian have new projects or gigs to report on—but this one is a big one: How Far Is The Fall, Honey White’s debut full-length album, turns 10 years old on 4/28.

Personally it was a great creative experience for me, and I know it was for the rest of the guys too—so since I’m a sentimental and tacky person, I’ll be doing some commemorative posts about it here and elsewhere.

This post will be pinned to the front page and get regular link updates as new items are added, so watch this space for new band member interviews, observations on music and design from that era, and more! Here’s what we’ll cover:

4/21 Full Band Interview Pt. 1 – Best Song on the Album
4/22 Complete Studio Timeline 2004-2005
4/23 Full Band Interview Pt. 2 – Favorite Performances
4/24 Band Interview Shoot-Around, Pt. 1
4/25 Full Band Interview Pt. 3 – Take Root Inside & Out
4/26 Photography and Cover Design
4/27 Band Interview Shoot-Around, Pt. 2
4/28 Sequencing, Edits, and Outtakes
4/29 Full Band Interview Pt. 4 – Enduring Impressions
4/30 Final Thoughts: Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

Want more? Here’s some album background info via items we’ve already posted over the years:

The History Mix: Feeling Gravity’s Pull
For some reason I felt compelled to write album analyses for all the Mojo Wire and Honey White recordings released up to that point. Aside from the odd third person perspective and slightly pompous tone, this essay holds up pretty well as a primer on our mindset when writing and recording these songs.

Best Seven Grand We Ever Spent, Part 1
Best Seven Grand We Ever Spent, Part 2
Originally part of the Audio Archives series, these two posts sport our recording notes after the initial weekend of tracking in early August 2004.