Our full-length debut album How Far is the Fall turns 10 on April 28, and we’re celebrating all week. Earlier this month the whole band had some fun kicking around thoughts and memories about this album and its production. We ended up having a pretty long email conversation, so I’m stretching it out over several posts. Here’s the first one, where all four of us picked our favorite song from the album—and as it happened, we all picked the same one: “Blacking Out.” —Keir


BRYN: I still love listening to “Blacking Out.” We’d never played the song live, really, and so we assembled it there in the studio. And for whatever reason all of our different parts seem to balance each other out in a way that works well, which is so surprising in retrospect.


BRIAN: Though “Let Go” was always my favorite to play live, I really like the way “Blacking Out” turned out on the album. It’s got a great groove, strong lyrics and vocals, and the best complementary guitar work I think Bryn and I ever did. Also, three freaking guitar solos! Four if you count the outro.


BILL: “Blacking Out” is my favorite, hands down. I feel like it’s the most honest and best exemplifies Honey White as I have come to understand our dynamic from behind the kit. I always felt that the moments when we were best we were changing it up or shooting from the hip. We had to be on our toes cause we didn’t know what was coming next but we were determined to make it feel cohesive and reasoned, even if it clearly wasn’t. We would have intense moments of concentration on each others’ parts, then find the right time to throw a playful jab, then watch with pride as the rest of the band caught it, rolled with it and came out the other end looking cool. Yes I’m staring at you Brian. I remember thinking that “Blacking Out” was awful but felt good for some reason, then when I heard the first mixes I was elated to see that we ALL got it and everyone, including Jon was right on board. I spend so much time in my own head behind the kit, the moments that really shine to me are when I feel like everyone else could read my mind the whole time.


KEIR: Yeah, I’ve gotta go with “Blacking Out” too—but since you’ve all covered why, I think I’ll just add that it came a long way from where it started, and I don’t just mean from the “Distorchestra” jam that Bryn juiced with his Death By Audio pedal. If I recall correctly, to even create that jam we melded one of Brian’s chord progressions with an old Mojo Wire song called “Blackout,” which had its own tooth-pulling history (and bad lyrics to boot). Getting from there, to the instrumental freakout we made together, and then to the leaner, meaner, disciplined version that came out of this recording project was a process and result truly worthy of the phrase “best song on the album.” And even then the thing has no chorus! Wow.