We made this album over six months in 2004, but used only 14 days of studio time—plus more for solo mastering sessions by producer and engineer Jonathan Dodge Mayer in 2005. Here’s the breakdown of what we actually recorded and when, along with mp3s of each take. —Keir

July 31, 2004: Initial tracking, day 1
Dead Man (take 5), Mercy Rule (takes 1-3), Sweet Oblivion (takes 1-3), Let Go (takes 1-2), Blacking Out (jam), Polarity (takes 1-2), Bottlerocket (takes 1-2), Keep Moving (takes 1-2), Famous Last Words (take 1)

August 1, 2004: Initial tracking, day 2
Island Fever (jam), Sean Goes to Africa (take 1), Pisces Lullabye (takes 1-2), Hold Still (jam)

September 10, 2004: Overdubs, day 1
Sweet Oblivion (guitars, percussion); Sean Goes to Africa (theremin)

September 11, 2004: Overdubs, day 2
Sweet Oblivion (vocals); Mercy Rule (guitars/all, vocals/all, effects); Sean Goes to Africa (guitars, vocals, noise); Keep Moving (percussion, guitars/Brian)

September 12, 2004: Overdubs, day 3
Keep Moving (guitar/Bryn, piano, vocals); Island Fever (percussion, bass)

September 24, 2004: Overdubs, day 4
Bottlerocket (guitars/Bryn, vocals)

September 25, 2004: Overdubs, day 5
Bottlerocket (guitars/Brian); Island Fever (guitars, vocals, effects); Let Go (percussion, vocals)

September 26, 2004: Overdubs, day 6
Let Go (guitars, piano); Famous Last Words (percussion); Polarity (guitars/both)

October 15, 2004: Overdubs, day 7:
Famous Last Words (guitars/both, vocals/both)

October 16, 2004: Overdubs, day 8:
Blacking Out (guitars/all, vocals/all, effects, percussion)

October 17, 2004: Overdubs, day 9:
Let Go (extra vocals), Island Fever (vocals), Dead Man (guitars/Brian), Sean Goes to Africa (guitars/acoustic)

December 16, 2004: Mixing, day 1
(plus effects overdubs for Mercy Rule)

December 17, 2004: Mixing, day 2
(plus Bryn’s guitar overdubs for Keep Moving, vocals for Sweet Oblivion)

December 18, 2004: Mixing, day 3
(plus Brian’s guitar overdubs for Polarity)

January 17, 2005: Mastering, session 1
First partial master delivered by Jon: Mercy Rule, Famous Last Words, Bottlerocket, Blacking Out, Sweet Oblivion, Island Fever

February 7, 2005: Mastering, session 2
First full master delivered by Jon: all songs

February 21, 2005: Mastering, session 3
Second and final full master delivered by Jon: all songs