We again elisted Billy to help us out with more recording and he gladly accepted. This time the tapes at least have Bryn’s guitar on them but overload somewhat when the vocals come in. Ah, the trials and tribulations of glorious 2-track! Anyway, we put down a better version of “Windward Mark”, two takes of “Shipwreck” that have my ears still ringing, two takes of “Wayfaring Stranger”, multiple attempts at “You Let Me Fall” that didn’t get off the ground, and then just for shits powered right through a few Mojo Wire tunes as well- “Shivering Sand”, “One Last Hallelujah”, and “Heart On A Platter”. Not as many tunes were tried this time, but we’ll get to that soon, as well as getting the best stuff from these tapes up here as well. I’ll letcha know.