This weekend Bryn will be teaming up with his buddy Screamin’ Steve Foster to make some music on the brig Pilgrim in Dana Point Harbor. They will be playing a short semi-acoustic set of chanteys and covers, opening for the ArchiTexture Dance Company’s “Sonnet for the Sea” production, also aboard ship. There are 2 show dates: Saturday, Nov. 18 and Sunday Nov. 19, and each show is free and begins at 7pm.

Supposedly Bryn and Steve’s ad-hoc collaboration is known as The Scuppers, but when they periodically gain additional collaborators (one of whom you may be familar with), they ply the Seven Seas as Scupper and the Rabblefish. For you landlubbers (like me), both of those terms are, shall we say, somewhat unflattering descriptions, but come one come all nevertheless.

Update, 11/20: Set both nights: This Lullaby – Blood of the Goat – Wayfaring Stranger – Leaving of Liverpool – Dead Man – Island Fever

Notes: Yes, that is a Queens of the Stone Age song you see there at the beginning. Got some older than dirt covers, a Bodie tune, the Neil Young instrumental, and Bryn’s favorite Honey White song to top it off. Bryn and Steve were joined by myself and Tracy Kirby for the first night. It was foggy and cold but we pulled off a good opener. Though Bryn says it was ok, I have no idea how the 2nd night went as I was out cold, unconscious after a ride on the new Space Mountain at Disneyland. Anyway, I know there were photos taken, so maybe we’ll see some in the near future.

Oh, almost forgot- Bryn’s Scuppers bio from the program:

“Scupper is Bryn DuBois, Keir DuBois, Stephen Foster and Tracy Kirby. Between them all they have played in rock bands and blues bands, recorded albums of traditional sea chanteys, and toured the nation in various drum & bugle corps. Three of them sail, three are co-workers, two currently have beards, and one is currently bald. Most of them drink, all of them curse, and they all have fun making music.”

Yaar matey.