Set: Heart On A Platter – Windward Mark – One Last Hallelujah – So Cold – The Sandman – How Far Away – My Second Shipwreck – Pisces Lullabye – You Let Me Fall – I Fly Free – Wayfaring Stranger – Fatal Flaws – Lover You Should Have Come Over – Mercy Rule – Unprofessional – The Lightning Rod

The Halloween show went better than expected, mostly cause we got a good live recording of it. We’d never played in a parking lot or office park before, and we didn’t know how much of a background noise thing we should be in relation to the rest of the carnival. We sort of played a public rehearsal- I mean hey, there’s only so much you can do when you’re competing with a guy in a dunk tank. Playing during the day was fun, and a nice change. The high point was Mercy Rule- almost at the end of the show but the apex nonetheless. The low point was just before when the Regional Health Authority folks decided to make an announcement over our Jeff Buckley cover, but we only played louder in retaliation.