Set: Nightfall – Let Go – Island Fever – Blacking Out – Bottlerocket – Sean Goes To Africa – Keep Moving – The Lightning Rod – Mercy Rule – Famous Last Words – Wayfaring Stranger

First off, enormous thanks to Earl, Jeff, Johanna, and William from the Expanding Polka Funk Experience for generously giving us their stage time. On the 3rd anniversary of the first HW show, we got to stretch out, relax, and deliver a great set. Our Ventura debut was quite an auspicious one- Billy said that this might have been one of the best HW shows ever, simply because each player’s personality, as well as that of the band as a whole, really shone through. I myself had never felt so free onstage. We really had to work to shine through the smoke machine’s spew, though- even if it was 4/20 and all. Plus we got to debut another song, Bryn’s spanking-new tune “Nightfall”. Apparently the whole thing was filmed by local access TV for broadcast on some later date- if we find out when, we’ll let everyone know. The kicker for all this business is that I went to pick up our new CDs in L.A. today!