Set: Unprofessional – Heart On A Platter – The Shivering Sand – Mercy Rule – Pisces Lullabye – You Let Me Fall – Fatal Flaws – Distorchestra – The Lightning Rod – Windward Mark – Polarity

Tonight saw us go live on TV, thanks to Adam and the Cafe crew. Big super extra special thanks to Jeff & Andy for sound/mixing help. We were guinea pigs for the show’s new mixing board & equipment, but things went well and I did record it, so I’ll post mp3 of the best bits as always and we’ll also be able to compile a good mix for a DVD/video type thang. The crew really liked our songs, the band did well, and I made an ass out of myself by not knowing rock trivia (in this case, Jimi Hendrix’s middle name- Marshall). The show will be rerun on Wed., 4/23 at 11:30am- the first of many reruns throughout the week.


Video: Unprofessional