Set: Mojo Pin – The Lightning Rod – Sweet Oblivion – Let Go – The Sandman – Keep Moving – One Last Hallelujah – How To Fight Lonliness – Mercy Rule – You Let Me Fall – Wayfaring Stranger – Karma Police – Pipeline – Miserlou/Wipeout

This was an outdoors, late afternoon gig in the funk zone with Bryn and Keir, before everyone’s favorite polka funk band took the stage. We got to toss in a few covers we hadn’t done before, like a Wilco song and yet another in Bryn’s stash of Radiohead covers, in addition to the Buckley and Cash. Bryn also had to remember how to play some old Mojo Wire-era surf covers (now that he actually has a bona fide surf guitar, of course). Played an echo-less Lightning Rod once again, and a quiet Hallelujah went over well too. Earl & the gang came on soon after and polkad everyone’s eyes out. Damn good BBQ at Red’s, yo.