Set: Mercy Rule – Sweet Oblivion – Sean Goes To Africa – Unprofessional – Let Go – The Shivering Sand – Dead Man Theme – Bottlerocket – Fatal Flaws – Polarity – Keep Moving – Wayfaring Stranger – The Lightning Rod

Hang on- did I say “9:30-11pm”? Ah- well, turns out that translates as “whenever the Lakers/Kings game is over” until “closing”. Brian said post-show that this was the weirdest gig we’ve ever played and I think I have to agree with him. Having the NBA as an opening act was only the beginning. “Mercy Rule” was a good, high-energy, LOUD thing to start the set with, and I think “Oblivion” went well too. We debuted 4 new songs tonight: “Sean Goes To Africa”, “Bottlerocket”, “Let Go”, and “Keep Moving”, and for the most part they went over great. Things were kind of claustrophobic and sometimes there were some nasty vibes, but surly basketball dudes were matched pound for pound by our legions of fans, and the place was quite packed. Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us. Conversely, a big middle finger goes to the drunk guy who kept yelling at us to play Zeppelin. Hey man, this note’s for you. Oh, and Tyler took some photos as well.