Set: Unprofessional – One Last Hallelujah – Windward Mark – I Fly Free – Heart On A Platter – Wayfaring Stranger – Fatal Flaws – The Shivering Sand – Lover You Should Have Come Over – How Far Away

For Honey White’s debut show Bryn, Brian, Keir, and Billy opened for the mighty Buttcheek Doofus. Our first show went down as a resounding success! Our two bands packed the house, and surrounded by semi- naked photos of Thais Albert (who also made an appearance before us) and Johanna (from BcD), we delivered a quick 10 song set- short sweet and to the point. Next time there will be girls in bikinis. Brian adopted the Clapton/Van Halen “back to the audience” style for a few songs. According to Emily, we “kicked ass”.