Set: Mercy Rule – Island Fever – Sweet Oblivion – Let Go – Blacking Out – Keep Moving – Famous Last Words – Bottlerocket – Sean Goes To Africa

We roared back into Isla Vista and previewed songs from the new album, including live debuts for “Island Fever” and “Blacking Out”. “Mercy Rule”, from 2002, was actually the oldest song in the set. Kinda nice to pull off a good tight gig after 3 months off and only one rehearsal earlier in the day. That’s the special thing about this band and it’s why we keep doing this despite our far-flung residences all over the state. Anyway, Embarcadero Hall is so totally different from what I remember as the Isla Vista Brewing Company (from the good old days) and others may recall as the burned-down Bank of America (from the badder, older days). UCSB converted it to a lecture hall but the I.V. Live crew transformed it into a theater-venue like they do every week. Our set was only 45 minutes but we crammed in as many of the big rumbling monster tunes as we could, so the show’s arc kind of went rockers to slower tunes and back to rockers by the end. Thanks again to Jennifer, Michael, and the I.V. Live crew (no relation to the 2 Live Crew), as well as everyone who came in from the cold to let us rock their faces off.