Set: Nightfall – Island Fever – Let Go – The Lightning Rod – Bottlerocket – Blacking Out – Mercy Rule – Unprofessional

Wow. Pulling off a big crowd on a Thursday night in a place we’ve never played before was a major big deal for us. We’ve now discovered our second not-so-secret weapon: we can pull on weekdays. Combine that with the ability to play a gig a month after our last rehearsal, and you’ve got a big bad indie-rock band one-two punch. Anyway, we were determined to be loud after spending 3 hours in traffic, and delivered a mostly-earsplitting set that nevertheless went down very well. It was great fun and, the whole thing wouldn’t have been as great if everyone we knew in Southern California hadn’t shown up, so everything about this show—the multiple encores, packed house, even the extra money we made, is down to the presence of our friends and fans. It was great to see & talk to everyone present and we thank you all very much. Thanks also to Elle Grace, Underground Railroad Productions, & the Derby sound crew.