Set: Wayfaring Stranger – The Shivering Sand – One Last Hallelujah – The Sandman – I Fly Free – You Let Me Fall – Heart On A Platter – Pisces Lullabye – Lover You Should Have Come Over

Last night’s set at Bogart’s went pretty well (according to us) and very well (according to the audience). Billy elected not to play, as he was afraid It would just be too loud, so the three of us played nine songs, including “The Sandman” in its official live debut and a reworked (that very day) “Pisces Lullabye”, also receiving its Honey White live debut. We went on after sets by both Noelle Price and Earl, and then left the stage for an open-mike session. That turned out to be much better in terms of quality and participation than we initially expected, so we sat back, enjoyed it, and looked forward to a loud, messy show the next night in Isla Vista.

That’s right- in other short-notice gig news, Honey White will be playing in Isla Vista tonight, August 9, with The Hip Crowd. Rumor has it they want to open for us, which is something else! Billy will surely be playing. The location is up in the air but it should be somewhere on Camino Del Sur.