Set 9/27/02: Heart On A Platter – Windward Mark – The Shivering Sand – One Last Hallelujah – Mercy Rule – How Far Away – The Sandman – Unprofessional – Fatal Flaws – Pisces Lullabye – You Let Me Fall – The Lightning Rod

Set 9/28/02: Heart On A Platter

Last weekend’s shows, or show and a song, were quite interesting. We teamed up again with The Hip Crowd and reversed the bill, opening for them as they had for us a month back. The Roland was healthy and happy, and caught a somewhat lackluster set, or so we thought at the time. Listening back to it, “How Far Away”, “Fatal Flaws”, and “Mercy Rule” didn’t turn out so bad. While Billy was stuck on THC’s drum riser again, the rest of us stumbled around on a pebbly driveway that served as a stage, while the audience did kegstands and climbed trees.

The next night we reprised our prescence, thanks to Brandon, at the white elephant condo, and bounded into a great version of “Heart On A Platter” only to be interrupted near the end of the song by the Foot Patrol, who promptly shut us down! It’s a Honey White first, to be shut down, and one of the officers was curteous and informative (though the other threatened to confiscate our gear if we started up again later- typical good/bad), so we did what they asked. The cop who talked to Bryn about it actually said that we sounded good- so there you have it: we’re endorsed by the IVFP. Sucks to get stopped only one song into the set, with so many people there really into it, but ex-CSO Brandon retaliated by bringing out a boombox and blasting our new CD on repeat, and that was that.