Set: Unprofessional – You Let Me Fall – Heart On A Platter – The Shivering Sand – The Sandman – I Fly Free – One Last Hallelujah – Windward Mark – Fatal Flaws – Pisces Lullabye – Wayfaring Stranger – The Lightning Rod – How Far Away – My Second Shipwreck – Lover You Should Have Come Over – Been Around The World

Wow, where to start? I really felt we were on tour for this one even though it wasn’t far from home. To wit: we drove to Oxnard to get a new PA console, spent a lot of money on random stuff, lost time in traffic, got pulled over by the police in Carp, plus I sprained my ankle moving gear, and we still played a pretty good set. Thanks to Brandon for setting this up. The songs went well, especially “Fatal Flaws”, which received its best Honey White performance. Some drunk guy always replaced our beers, and some other guy ordered a bass solo (hence the earlier position of “Lightning Rod”) and gave me an I’m-not-worthy grovel before he took off. Attendance varied, but we passed the midnight deadline again with Jeff Buckley and Cracker songs, and Emily took a few photos too.