Set: Unprofessional – Windward Mark – Heart On A Platter – The Sandman – I Fly Free – One Last Hallelujah – You Let Me Fall – The Shivering Sand – Fatal Flaws – Mercy Rule – Wayfaring Stranger – How Far Away – My Second Shipwreck – The Lightning Rod – Lover You Should Have Come Over

The Hip Crowd opened for us with a good set. Nice guys, too, and we thank them much for letting us close their show. As it was, we played our best gig yet. After the quiet of Bogart’s we were eager to let it rip, and several songs took off for the stratosphere before they slammed back down. I think “Lightning Rod” might have been the peak of the show. Andy from THC taped both bands with a little Walkman, and the tape is dominated by Bryn and Brian; a great performance and a terrible recording. Ah well. We hit everytthing almost perfectly, even though Billy might not think so (he was up top on a big drum riser)- but despite my show comas/amnesia I remember a good set. If that taught us anything it’s that we’ve outgrown Isla Vista.

Bryn and I also finished recording vocals for the demo at Mark’s on Saturday, and it will be mixed this week.