Set: Unprofessional – You Let Me Fall – Heart On A Platter – The Shivering Sand – The Sandman – I Fly Free – Pisces Lullabye – One Last Hallelujah – Wayfaring Stranger – How Far Away – My Second Shipwreck – The Lightning Rod – Lover You Should Have Come Over

Well, sooner or later you’d have to have a stinker. No no, it wasn’t that bad, and 5th out of 5 ain’t awful, but the setting, timing, and lack of time to promote left us basically to perform a public rehearsal to a tiny crowd (but really any gig in I.V. is like this). We played a truncated set which was befouled by bad acoustics and a cramped space, which is I suppose what we deserve for not having time to plan how we were gonna go about things. Not that Shaun failed us, though- hell, it wasn’t even his house.