As you might have noticed, the Honey White site got some cosmetic surgery during this week, mostly because two years is about the right time to get a new look, (even though we’re not ostensibly “promoting” anything) and also because the Honey White site has always been so, so black-backgrounded all the time (see below). It’s been a band-website cliche for years to have a black-dominant color scheme, but I hadn’t changed it when we made our CD because I had a good design that matched the album cover. Now, though, it’s time to dump the black background at long last. Way overdue.

The site isn’t yet back to full functionality, but features like the audio player and photo slideshows will be back asap. It’s sort of as lean and economical as an image-based site can be right now, and it’s something new to look at anyway, which as you’ll note from the examples below wasn’t always a given for my website work. This site didn’t really look presentable until about late 2004, and the beginning versions of it were really atrocious by my current standards. Not as bad as the old Mojo Wire sites, though. You’ll have to dig those up on your own.