Regular readers of the “My Band Rocks” blog (all three of you) know that the “Audio Archives” column here has been the venue for unearthing and releasing many rare recordings from the Mojo Wire, Honey White, and other projects involving us guys from those bands. Before that, I’d uploaded every show we did to the Live Music Archive, so there’s a substantial amount of music that has never been released on CD.

There were several re-issues (for lack of a better word)—the four Mojo Wire albums had digital resurrections, each with a slew of outtakes attached; the first Low Tide E.P. and Bryn’s solo album also came back to haunt us via mp3 as well. For the most part, though, the digital items were all previously unreleased:

The Mojo Wire – Bedrock Crude (2003)
Companion to the CD best-of Low Fidelity Favorites, this was the first “My Band Rocks” release available only as a download.

The Mojo Wire – Honey White – Live Shows Archive (2005)
Tyler Huff pushed me to upload every Mojo Wire and live show to the Live Music Archive (20 in total), in a feeble echo of Pearl Jam’s similar stunt with their own stuff. Formats are .shn and .mp3.

Honey White – How Far is the Fall Singles (2007)
B-sides to non-existent singles from Honey White’s full length studio album.

The Mojo Wire – Rare and Unreleased Vol. 1 & 2 (2007)
Ill-advised barrel-scraping exercise of barfing up the good, bad, and ugly of Mojo stuff 1996-2001.

Honey White – Rehearsal Tapes Vol. 1 & 2 (2007)
Double-whammy helping of the best bits from HW practice sessions.

Honey White – How Far is the Fall Take Root Sessions (2008)
Two-volume release of each take of each song from HW’s first weekend in the studio, July 2004.

Honey White – My Band Rocks! Sessions (2008)
Each instrumental take of each song recorded for HW’s debut E.P. in July 2002.

Honey White – Secret Jam Band (2008)
Instrumental jams from HW practice sessions, 2002-2007.

Bryn DuBois – Alone and Bored (2008)
The HW frontman compiles some recordings he did back in the year 2000.

Low Tide – Washouts (2009)
Outtakes from Keir’s side project’s 2008 Weapon of Young Gods album.

There’s not a lot left in the vaults after this—short of a few Honey White barrel-scraping posts and an albums’ worth of Brian’s solo stuff—so it’s a good thing that we have all been making various “let’s play again” noises at each other. You’ve been warned.