Honey White’s fourth live disc is now available to buy via CD Baby’s online store. Soon it will percolate through the intertubes to other places like iTunes (UPDATE 8/20: iTunes link!) and Emusic, but remember, the CD itself is a limited edition (as were all our live albums). Only 50 copies were pressed, and I’m saving a good chunk of those for the other guys in the band, so get it while you can. Why? It might be our best live album, that’s why. Oh sure, the songs are already out there on the web if you know where to look (like, um, the streaming preview on our home page), but that’s why the CDs got printed- for those people who (like me) want the best possible versions of songs they love: namely, the raw .wav files ripped right off the disc.

Besides, it’s a collector’s item, and at around $8.00, it’s less expensive than our studio album. What would you get for your hard-earned cash? Well, how about the best live takes from our 2005/2006 shows? Here’s the setlist:

1. Nightfall 2. Island Fever 3. Let Go 4. The Lightning Rod 5. Blacking Out 6. Famous Last Words 7. You Let Me Fall 8. Sean Goes To Africa 9. Sweet Oblivion 10. Unprofessional 11. Keep Moving 12. Bottlerocket 13. One Last Hallelujah

For those keeping score at home, that would amount to one new song not on any other album (Nightfall), two others that have not seen live release on disc (Island and Blacking Out), two more that are radically different from their original versions (Lightning Rod and Hallelujah), and then there’s 8 more that are better on this disc than on previous live albums.

Finally, I’m sure you know that by buying our albums you’re directly supporting the sacred cow of Indie Rock. Yep- as with the previous live discs, this one’s self-recorded and self-produced (and yet, amazingly still sounds non-crappy!); all our live albums are subtitled “Live and Unprofessional” because hey, we’re not Big Fat Mega Rich Rock Stars, and we’re not going to be. We’re four guys whose hobby is to make loud noise with expensive instruments. All we want is for people to periodically stroke our egos by telling us how awesomely cool we are for rocking the way we do.

So yeah, that’s that. 4th live disc. Best one yet. Supplies limited. Low price. On sale here. Preview here. iTunes soon. Thanks again, for listening, gang.