2010 was an ugly and vicious year around the globe in many ways, but here at My Band Rocks World HQ, it was pretty awesome:

After a decade-plus layoff, ex-Mojo Wire bandmates Adam, Bryn, Kevin, and me got together throughout the year to rehearse in San Clemente. The Mojo-legacy band is still nameless (though not for long; we answer to many things – Contact Hangover, Radblaster, and even The Clap), but thanks to Keir’s trusty Roland VS-890 recorder, lots of old and new song demos were captured for posterity in March, June, September, and now December 2010.

The most recent was definitely the most interesting, so I’ve assembled it like a concert setlist for your listening pleasure (note that vocals are a bit gritty since they were piped through a guitar amp). It’s still a bit shaky, and you may recognize some old Mojo tunes in there, but most are new from this year:

(audio link):

Practice set 12/18/10: Blue Lantern Cove/Tempting Fate – The New Normal – Stranded – West Basin Water Wars – Winner Take All – Nero – Stagnation Blues – Becalmed – Long Black Leather Boots – Key West Tapwater

This year was relatively big for Honey White too, considering we’d been basically inactive for over three years. One rehearsal in November and two in December were almost enough to bring us back to stage-worthiness, or at least studio-worthiness; HW tackled lots of new stuff (and some ancient Mojo tunes) too. This shortened set from Dec. 26 and 27 has the highlights, including Brian singing “Dreams” and Marika on backing vocals, keyboard and melodica:

(audio link):

Composite practice set 12/26-27/10 (newer stuff first): Nightfall – Tempting Fate – Dreams – Historical Friction – Green Hills – Becalmed – The Shivering Sand – The Lightning Rod – Island Fever – Let Go – Keep Moving – Mercy Rule – Unprofessional – How Far Away – My Second Shipwreck – One Last Hallelujah – Sweet Oblivion

That version of the old Mojo song “Shivering Sand” is a weird reggae/swing hybrid (we did a classic surf take too); also, “Tempting Fate” and “Becalmed” are doing double duty in both bands—and doing it well.

Anyway, 2011 looks like it may see some serious recordings at some point. Shows seem like a more remote possibility, but I wouldn’t rule them out. Happy New Year everybody.