Bryn recently played a two hour set down at the Ocean Institute: 26 songs on guitar, bouzouki, and tricordia. It was a private party for some of the people who donated to the OI, but Bryn swears that if it had been public he would have advertised it all over this place, and we believe him. Here’s the set:

12/5/14 Setlist, OI Donor’s Party Aboard Pilgrim

1 Leaving Liverpool
2 Mingulay Boat Song
3 The Flame That Burns
4 Cold In the Ocean
5 Seafaring Song
6 Red Tide
7 Roll Away Your Stone
8 South Australia
9 The Penalty
10 Another New World
11 Fathom the Bowl
12 Mary of the Wild Moor
13 Ten Thousand Miles Away
14 Won’t Be Sorry
15 Blood of the Goat and Black Cat Bones
16 House of the Rising Sun
17 Dead Man
18 This Lullabye
19 We Let Her Down
20 Wayfaring Stranger
21 Hallelujah
22 West Country Girl
23 I Will Light You On Fire
24 Becalmed
25 Been Around the World
26 Déjenme Llorar

Bryn further says:

“1-3, 13-16 were on the bouzouki; 8-12 were on the tricordia; 4-7, 17-26 on the guitar. Tricordia was up next, but the party ended.”