So about a year ago I released a CD for my Low Tide side project. It was nominally a soundtrack to a novel I was (and still am) writing. For a while there I thought the tunes would be the only worthwhile thing I got out of the whole process, but some of the chapters in this first draft are surprisingly non-awful. Some are pretty bad, too—but who cares. It’s a first draft. Anyway, CD Baby just informed me that the “Weapon of Young Gods” disc has sold out, and that I should send more. Well, I hand-made those, so I’ll send more when I feel like it. I mean, the thing is on iTunes, and it’s not exactly chart-busting material, so I won’t bust my ass pressing more CDs when there’s a book to finish. You’d think that would be easy, when 44 of 48 chapters are done, but it’s really not, so in the meantime, why not listen to some weird ambient post-rock echo-bass instrumental noise from your favorite egomaniacal bass player? Ably assisted of course by his genius friends the guitarist and drummer. No, really—give it a whirl. It’s right down there in the Flash player: