…and we still haven’t really learned to play. But who cares, right? The Mojo Wire’s debut CD-R album “Battery Acid Blues” was released on this day in 1997 and there was no going back. We went on to terrorize the eardrums and taste of the wider populace at UCSB and Isla Vista for five more years, all because Bryn and Adam wrote some goofy songs, asked Keir to play bass, and then got Brandon to agree to play drums and record it all for posterity.

New Digital Reissues!

To celebrate, Keir designed digital PDF booklets for all four Mojo Wire albums from 1997-2001, each available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the Mojo’s Bandcamp page. Why free, you ask? Well…you’ll understand when you hear them. They’re basically unlistenable, but that doesn’t mean they ain’t fun. For us, anyway. I mean, wouldn’t YOU want to validate your current brilliance by dragging everyone else through some wildly headstrong ancient juvenilia? Sure you would.

Stuffed with stuff!

Each Mojo Wire reissue is packed with bonus tracks—outtakes, live rehearsals, and general aural implosion—plus the aforementioned 20-page PDF booklet, complete with pompous essays from Keir for every album. If you’ve kept up with our adventures over the years, you’ve probably already read them all, but what are creative anniversaries for if not for blatant, ham-handed recycling?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this brief spasm of nostalgia from us, and forgive whatever musical/social ineptitude you may discover therein. We were young, pretty, and dumb—but it was too much fun to not see through to the ignominious end. You’ve been warned.

Listen if you dare