Well, for a variety of brain-dulling, totally irrelevant reasons, I’m kind of exhausted, so this entry’s gonna be a bit short- let me get right to the music. Honey White’s MySpace page is showcasing our Nicholby’s show in Ventura on April 20, 2005. This was a few days before our How Far Is The Fall album was released. The recording is straight from the soundboard, so it’s mixed for the venue and not necessarily for optimal listening pleasure (i.e. big bass and kick drum, small guitars), but this show was so much fun for us to do that it’s worth another public airing. Read more about it here. Basically this was one of the rare instances that I relaxed onstage- we were kind of on bonus time for this show, and the whole band played loose and without stress, though not without mistakes (but we ignored them). I really, really enjoyed playing this one and for me it is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a band onstage.

For the Mojo Wire page, this week we have 2001’s mixed bag swansong You’re On Your Own, the final Mojo Wire album. This particular disc couldn’t decide between being a showcase for new material, live stuff, or a space for re-recorded tunes to sound better. The fresh songs underwent constant tinkering, the retreads finally saw the band, in recording terms, enter the year 1992 with digital multitracking, and the live stuff is probably an accurate representation of the overall messy chaos of Mojo Wire shows. The sum end result is more like an out-takes compilation. I wrote more about this album here. Some notes on the bonus tracks: “Helium Pussywillow” is a random jam topped by Bryn’s best South Park impression, “Broken Nail Blues” is yet another in Adam’s long string of improvised 12-bar turns of genius, “Too Much To Think” is an acoustic Adam-ballad circa 2000 that unfortunately never saw the light of day, “You’re On Your Own” is an unfinished studio take of the title track, with Joe’s acoustic guitar in there for a change, and “My Second Shipwreck” is a partial recording (only 2/3 of the 7-minute instrumental was actually finished) of one of Bryn’s more epic surf songs that eventually got wider exposure in Honey White’s shows.


This week’s video is Honey White (again on Musical Cafe TV, April ’03) doing the Mojo Wire song “Heart On A Platter”, which first appeared on the On Your Own album. Next time I’ll also have the 2nd installment in the Mojo Wire barrel-scraping series of super-rare stuff. Thanks again for listening… and a happy cinco de Mayo birthday to Billy!


Audio: Honey White at Nicholby’s, 4/20/05

Audio: The Mojo Wire- “You’re On Your Own” 6/3/01

Video: Heart On A Platter